Westminster UMC is a community Church serving a great God.




To Connect People To Jesus Christ And To Each Other.


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Westminster United Methodist Church

Harrod, Ohio


Welcome to the Westminster United Methodist Church website.  Whether you are a current attendee, looking for a home church or in the area visiting friends/relatives, we are delighted you are here and look forward to getting to know you more.

We are focusing on Holy Week......and looking forward to celebrating
our risen Lord this coming Sunday.  Please join us in any and all
gatherings.  You will be blessed as the Lord has blessed us.



Exciting times at Westminster UMC .....
Mark your calendars:

Matthew 28:1-15          "At The Tomb"

Sunday School 9:30 am
Worship at Westminster UMC 10:30 am


Here's something fun and exciting to pray about and participate in . . .

Westminster UMC will be Church of the
Week on WTGN 97.7 FM on April 27th.
They will broadcast our service live and we will
do prayer time the following week. 


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The Abbey Community Center page.