Westminster United Methodist Church

Harrod, Ohio

Whether you are a current attendee, looking for a home church or
in the area visiting friends/relatives, we are delighted you are here
and look forward to getting to know you more.

1st Sunday of each month, FREE Breakfast Sunday at 9 am
followed by a Bible lesson.
All other Sunday's . . . Sunday School starts at 9:15 am.

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Worship at Westminster UMC Sunday's at 10:30 am.



1-24-2021 Sermon Title:   Prophecy Of Christ

 Scripture:   Isaiah 9:1-7


Do you have lifelong questions about the Bible? 
Christian living? Specific Scripture passages? 
What it means to be 'saved'? 
Why some pastors wear robes and others do not?
Do I have to be baptized? (and any other questions)

Well there's a great opportunity coming up on Wednesdays called
ASK THE PASTOR that will be aired on the Church YouTube Channel. 
Simply click on the YouTube link below to be directed to the

Westminster UMC Church YouTube Channel:

Pastor Dave will be answering questions that are submitted
to the following email address:
So submit those questions! Ask your family to submit questions.
THEN, tune in to ASK THE
PASTOR Wednesdays for
those answers from Pastor Dave Burkhart!


Pastor Dave Burkhart

To Connect People To Jesus Christ And To Each Other.




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