Building lives together

Adult life at
Westminster UMC

There are many opportunities to participate, serve, learn and grow through various adult gatherings.  Scriptures remind us to encourage one another and build each other up.  That is the basis for the the adult lessons.  To bring a new understanding on Scriptures and how to apply that understanding to our lives today.



The United Methodist Women's Group is an active group that meets from
September through June.  Gathering on the first Thursday of each month at 6 pm. 
Through special programs, mission outreach, prayer, Bible study, refreshments
and fellowship you will surely bond with this group of ladies in Spirit and in the Truth.

Sunday School

Other adult gatherings include two Sunday School classes that meet on Sunday morning at 9:15 am.  The Seekers Class meets in the back room of the church in the and the Anchor Class meet in The Abbey.


Emmaus Share Groups


MEN........We ARE called to walk as Jesus walked.  Give as He gave.  Serve how He served.  So men in and around Westminster UMC who have been on an Emmaus Walk will thoroughly enjoy this Share Group.  A gathering of men of faith to encourage one another and build each other up.  Isn't that we are called to do?  To strengthen one another so that we can then go our and give and serve as Jesus did? What a blessing men of God can be and are to our church, church family, community and personal home lives.  Meets bi-weekly for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on the East side of Lima at 8 am.
Learn. Grow. Give. Serve. Receive. Bless. Love.
God Thanks You!  

WOMEN.........Let the love of God shine in your brightly.  This little light of mine....I'm gonna let it shine!  Ladies Ladies Ladies...........Here's your chance to come together to grow together in harmony, grace and love at this Women's Emmaus Share Group.  You WILL be and ARE accepted and loved.  God loves you richly and for always.  Meets every other Friday at Cracker Barrel on the East side of Lima at 8 am.

Never heard of an Emmaus Walk?  Click on this to learn more:  Emmaus Walk  


These MEN and WOMEN share groups are times of accountability as the focus is on spiritual growth and prayer.  Through Devotions,  the Word, Christian based readings, Music and Prayer, there proves to be an unlimited amount of opportunities to deepen your walk with Christ.




Adult Sunday School Classes 9:15 am



Emmaus Women's Share Group every other Monday at 7 pm.


Wednesday Night
Bible Study 6:30 pm


Women's Group 1st Thursday each month at 7 pm

Emmaus Share Group @ Cracker Barrel at 8 am every other Friday