Have we become immune?

Do we take significant Biblical facts at 1/2 value?

If you grew up in the church like I did, you hear the "Christmas story" over and over; all angles, all perspectives and all aspects.  Now that can be a good thing because the details are embedded into your mindset and you realize the significance of each detail.  But there are times when we become immune to the tremendous miracle of the angel Gabriel's appearance to the virgin Mary; Joseph's meeting with an angel in a dream; the amazing announcement to the shepherds; Zachariah's meeting with Gabriel; and then the guiding of the men from afar, just to name a few.

Let's consider the shepherds experience at this moment.  They were doing their jobs, tending the flocks by night, minding their own business, when suddenly "an angel of the Lord appeared to them".  Were they hallucinating?  Dreaming?  In shock?  Fearful for their lives?  Then ... just when they had heard what this one angel had to say ("do not be afraid"), "A GREAT COMPANY OF THE HEAVENLY HOST APPEARED WITH THE ANGEL"!  So they not only had to believe the one single angel and the "do not be afraid" message, but they had an entire army of angels surrounding them "praising God".

Now picture that scene.  One angel with a message and then an army of angels singing as only angelic beings can sing.  What a sight to behold and to hear!  Only God could pull this off.  To reach the common, via shepherds, with a message of HOPE for all the world.  To see the work of God and His mighty army of angels announcing the arrival of the Messiah ... it would be incredible to experience such a feat; to see; to hear; to be a part of such an important part of God's plan.

But how many times do we read this part of the Christmas story ... just skim over it and think yea yea, angels and lots of them.  Just once, just this once, put yourself in the shepherds position in the fields.  THEN read Luke 2:8-20 in a whole new perspective.  Read.  Receive. 

This Christmas, let's not become immune to the Christmas story.  Let's instead seek in wonderment of how God brought all the circumstances, people and situations to fall perfectly into place; perfectly into God's plan.  All Scriptures are "God-Breathed".  All are significant.  Open your heart, mind, eyes and soul to God's plan through Christmas - the Birth of Jesus. 



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